Cat Skeleton Candle

From being worshipped in Egypt to ruling the roost in modern-day, cats have graced us with their presence for centuries. This candle captures some of the regality and elegance of our feline friends. And, in case nine lives is not enough, this candle helps them live on for eternity with a skeleton keepsake inside.

  • HIGH-QUALITY PARAFFIN WAX | The wax burns slowly to reveal the internal skeleton of a beautifully crafted metalcore.
  • BURN TIME | 25-30 HOURS | The Wick Works Skeleton Cat candle burns longer than the world’s longest cat nap.
  • DIMENSIONS | 3″ wide x 3″ deep x 7″ tall |
  • Beautiful OR Creepy? | Just like the complexity of our cat pals themselves, this candle celebrates their elegance, resilience, and mysteriousness.
  • KEEPSAKE AFTER BURNT | Once you’re done with the candle, this cat has another life. The polished, handcrafted Stainless Steel Skeleton interior is something you can place on the shelf to commemorate your cat for years to come.