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Wick Works Cat Candle Skeleton Cut Drawing

Wick Works was build on the idea of creativity and art. We offer Products that make you laugh and make you wonder.

In 2020, when the worst wildfires in Australia’s history hit, along with extreme political global turmoil, we thought that was the worst of it. Then the COVID-19 struck the world, historic deaths, economies collapsed, then the pandemic has exposed the failures of our social system; and that’s only a few things that happened in 2020. 2020 was truly THE DUMPSTER FIRE of a year. Now how to portray that you ask? How can we physically show this worst year in history? Why not represent it with a merger of wax and metal, then that sucker to the ground?

Thus, the brand was created, the idea of framing Steel Iinside of a Wax body shot in my head like fireworks. How could we create art with such a concept? We started with a dumpster, then a cat, where from there? Endless possibilities of product that is artistic and functional. Love the beautifully designed geometric cat, never burn it. Love the cat, burn it, enjoy the process of it morphing into something new, then you have a beautiful skeleton that tells the story. I bet you’ll know where and when you were when your candle transformed.

Wick Works is here to transfer the good to the bad, the bad to the good, the good to the good. Whether its burning a dumpster to the ground or watching art in front of your eyes, go on a journey with one of our candles.

Chet Batson Vietnam


Chet Batson, some call me Chetterb. I always was planning the next product I wanted to create. I’ve always been passionate about art and always dreamed of making some form of functional art. Once I had the concept I worked closely with my good Argentinean friend Emilia to perfect my ideas. We spent months making the perfect product, then months more finding the right process, molding techniques, and modifications to make what you see on our site. The designs and manufacturing have been and will be a global effort to bring art into your home.

Chet B